Less Than Zero​/​Part 2

by Miles Large

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    The first demo I ever made, complete with 8 songs. I'd say only the first four songs are actually decent. Comes with a colored jewel case with a number on it, along with a paper with album details on it. Doubles as a coaster. (***NOTE: This is only Less Than Zero. None of the tracks of "Part 2" are on here.)

    01 Defenestration
    02 Funk (Iced Tea)
    03 Pretender
    04 Kissing You
    05 Panorama (Run Mario Run!)
    06 Ocean Sun
    07 This Old House
    08 Melancoholic

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A selection of tracks from the first demo I ever made (Less Than Zero) along with other tracks that were never included on an album. Pretty rough early stuff, highlights include Defenestration, Kissing You, Downtown, and Photographs.

Recorded 2013-2015


released February 8, 2017

Written, recorded, produced and edited by Miles Large
1st verse lyrics of track 4 by Gordon Gano
2nd pre chorus lyrics of track 8 by Billie Joe Armstrong



all rights reserved


Miles Large

22 year old who makes sounds in his bedroom. Most of the music is digitally manipulated.

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Track Name: Defenestration
Well I am up in arms cause I've got no say
No matter what they do I just can't get away
The bitch is at my door every night and day
I've been a nervous wreck every march through may

If you can help me out just show me the way
I don't have time to spend so please don't delay
The people stalk my shadow like its their prey
The way you act repulses me and I can't stay

Well I don't mean to be mean but don't waste my time
You gotta live your life or get left behind
They say carpe diem is a crime but
You seem to hang around wanting a free ride

I know it's all short just to abide, but
Please don't try to tell me how to live my life
Emotional wreck and you show all the signs
I thought I was bad but you seem to lie

It could be over but I'm not done
You're always trying to ruin my fun
I'll only do it if I have some
If you got a problem then why don't you find someone
Track Name: Android
I’m in love with an Android

I’m in love
it’s not for the first time
I’ve tried so hard just to make you mine
But you never like what I have to say
You’re always pushing me away

That’s fine,
I’m not gonna lie,
I’ve been fed up, I’m not going to hide it
anymore, I’m out the door,
hope you find what you were looking for

You never seemed to notice, but i just moved on
I found someone who’ll treat me right, she even loves my songs
She’s different and she's Awesome, she’s just one of a kind
I’m proud to claim her to myself, and tell you that she’s mine,

I’m in love with an Android
It’s true
I’m in love with an Android
how about you?
I’m in love with an android
it’s true….

She is great,
She’s always here, she doesn’t shed a single tear
She’s programmed with 100,000 jokes to keep me laughing
for years,
She listens to, every word I have to say
And doesn’t have emotions that could easily get in the way

Objection to my actions, is something she won’t do.
All it takes to reset her is just one phillips screw
And when we go out, everybody stares
But it doesn’t bother me and I never seem to care because


In the night,
I wake up from dreaming
Seeing you around my place again
I disregard, shrug off, but
The memories aren’t easy to

when we walk together,
she just doesn’t feel like a human,
incapable of touching, feeling,
like somebody’s skin

I know that I’m with her, I know I must be true
but from certain angles, she even looks like you
I know I get jealous, and misunderstood, the
mistakes I’ve made, are too great, now what do I do?

I’m stuck in a dreamworld,
Yes it’s true
I’m stuck in a dreamworld
How about you
I’m stuck in a dreamworld
it’s true...
Track Name: Pretender
Why do you treat me this way
I'd wish you'd just go away
You're just so two faced
It's you that I must erase
You gotta be ruining my day

But tonight

Who ever wanted you here
Wasting all of my years
Why do you misbehave
I'm trying to communicate
You're everyone's biggest fear

And I tried and tried and tried and tried
And I cried and cried and cried and cried

And when it's all over in the end
I still want to be your friend
It's something I can't ignore
It's you that I adore
But you always seem to just pretend
Track Name: Kissing You
tell your mom i'm stuck on this lovely girl
course to me she mean all the world
and i know you gotta go
and you know i gotta run
but baby baby babe i'm far from done

and it's all right

when i'm kissing/missing you

baby you know i'm far from through
maybe it's cause i think that i love you
and i know it's all too soon
it's only half-past june
but that's the reason why i'm writing this tune
Track Name: Bother
There's nothing left to do
There's nothing left to say
I'll just keep telling myself
I didn't like you anyway
But as time moves on
The days keep passing by
I start to ponder my future
And wonder if it's a lie

What I meant to say
I want you to stay
And I just don't know

Why did you have to go? (Don't leave me here)
Where did you choose to run? (I don't like being here)
How are you doing now? (Maybe better than me)
Who are you with now? (It bothers me)

Felt as if I was better off
All alone
I even deleted your number
From my phone
But now I wish I didn't do
All the things I've done
I cut all of my petty ties
Left with no one
Track Name: Punk Rock Girlfriend
I took a walk down on the avenue
looked at all the people that i once knew
that’s when i saw you, in-between the node
with your blue hair, strumming on the side of the road

Although I’ve never known her, I can’t forget her
She looks like she’d make everything better

My punk rock girlfriend

Her guitar makes me want to sing
Playing chords, then let ring
We could be a band, and everyone would come and see us
“Punk rock girl and boy,” signs outside the theaters

we could go out and buy a car and
take it to a place that's somewhere far

My punk rock girlfriend
Track Name: Defective Chemistry
Pleasing you
Just something I can't do
You can't decide
Something I can choose
Just depends
What you think is right
Worn down
Given up without a fight

Soon enough, you'll realize I am done
Say "oh no, where has all the time gone?"

Very stressed
It's really just a guess
Hard to tell
When it's one big mess
And emotionally drained
Yet somehow
It was still all the same

Keep on driving until I'm gone
Say "oh no, where has all the time gone?"

Well you know,
I'm imperfect too
Can't seem to help
Or try to keep your cool
What's done is done,
And we keep moving on
Soon enough,
Realize the time has gone

Get up and get a move on
Keep on driving until I'm gone
Soon enough, you'll realize I am done
Say "oh no, where has all the time gone?"
Track Name: Downtown
My ex threw my record collection at the used car parking lot
i don't know what she kept and i don't know what i got
maybe we can find a way to pull this whole thing through
there's nowhere i'd rather be than right beside you

when i'm cruising the lane
half insane


walking down the street about a quarter to four
check my wallet, i'm broke again cause buying things made me poor
peer into a pawn shop and look what i see
just another pretty lady looking at me

when i feel forgotten
and feel like rotting


Track Name: The One That Sounds Like Christie Road
I've told you seven times before
I didn't come back for more
I'm done with that
Those trivial pursuits don't interest me
I've seen all there is to see
As a matter of fact

I am done, looking for someone
I am done, I'm looking for no one
If I died today, I wouldn't want you to stay
Just leave me alone

I don't want to be wasting my time
I can't wake up to my alarms
Yes… I've tried
Digging yourself into a hole
Another thing I can't afford
Lucked out to my own accord

I've tried a different approach
Avoiding your reproach
Moving on this time
Going to spend the rest of my life
Doing what I like
Fun on my mind

All those things you like, they aren't worth your time
Might as well just move on
Track Name: Photographs
Well things never work out the way they should
And I never even thought that they could
Oh well, oh well
There always seems to be, some mistake
And it just leaves you to want to take a break
Yeah yeah, I know

You know I’ve had it and you want out
And I know exactly what you’re talking about

You know, when I go, and you’re feeling so alone
The thought comes back to me and I never would’ve known
But you know, when you go, and I’m feeling so alone
You just don’t seem to know, just don’t seem to know

Well it seems that we’re headed in a misdirection
And it sure as hell ain’t perfection
Yeah yeah, uh huh.
And when I look back into your eyes
You love to gaze at me like you hypnotize
Oh yeah, it’s true

I know you’ve had it and I want out
And you know exactly what I’m talking about