Yeah Love

by Miles Large

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Live videos:

Live acoustic album, recorded at Peking Express on 4/16/14


released April 20, 2014

All songs written by Miles Large, except the first set of lyrics to "Kissing You" written by Gordon Gano and the choruses to "Downtown" by BJ Armstrong
Produced and edited by Miles Large

Special thanks to Eric Kim and Eril for recording, and the staff at Peking



all rights reserved


Miles Large

22 year old who makes sounds in his bedroom. Most of the music is digitally manipulated.

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Track Name: Kissing You
tell your mom i'm stuck on this lovely girl
course to me she mean all the world
and i know you gotta go
and you know i gotta run
but baby baby babe i'm far from done

and it's all right

when i'm kissing/missing you

baby you know i'm far from through
maybe it's cause i think that i love you
and i know it's all too soon
it's only half-past june
but that's the reason why i wrote this tune
Track Name: Downtown
my ex threw my record collection in the used car parking lot
i don't know what she kept and i don't know what i got
maybe we can find a way so we can pull this whole thing through
there's nowhere i'd rather be than right here beside you

when i'm cruising the lane and i'm half insane

walking down the street about a quarter to four
check my wallet i'm broke again cause buying things just made me poor
peer into a pawn shop and why don't you look at what i see
it's just another pretty lady and she's looking straight at me

when i feel forgotten and i feel like rotting

ba ba ba
Track Name: Defenestration
well I am up in arms cause I've got no say
no matter what they do I just can't get away
the b is at my door every night and day
i've been a nervous wreck every march through may

if you can help me out just show me the way
i don't have time to spend so please don't delay
the people stalk my shadow like its their prey
the way you act repulses me and I can't stay

well I don't mean to be mean but don't waste my time
you gotta live your life or get left behind
they say carpe diem is a crime but
you seem to hang around wanting a free ride

i know it's all short just to abide, but
please don't try to tell me how to live my life
emotional wreck and you show all the signs
i thought I was bad but you seem to lie

it could be over but I'm not done
you're always trying to ruin my fun
i'll only do it if I have some
if you got a problem then why don't you find someone


well I am up in arms cause I've got no say
no matter what they do I just can't get away
the bitch is at my door every night and day
i've been a nervous wreck every march through may

Track Name: Pretender
why do you treat me this way
I wish that you'd just go away
you're just so two faced
it's you that I must erase
You gotta be ruining my day

but tonight

who ever wanted you here
wasting all of my years
why do you misbehave
i'm trying to communicate
that you're everyone's deepest, greatest fear

and I tried and tried and tried and tried
and I cried and cried and cried and cried

and when it's all over in the end
I still want you to be my friend
It's something I can't ignore
It's you that I adore
but you always seem to just pretend
Track Name: Ocean Sun (Yeah Love)
(Yeah love)

living in the ocean sun
trying to have some fun
that's true
breathing in the ocean mist
wondering what I could've missed
just you
went down to the bay
sorry it had to end this way
too soon
with nowhere to break and run
you ought to try and have some fun
that's true

and I know that it's time to go
gotta get the show in the road
can't take things too slow
just something we both know

I know I got a cheap guitar
just bought another used car
was new
have a song I got to write
ought to try and stop the fight
falling down into the street
found another place to meet
for you
just another run down bar
we can get back in my car

and I know we didn't mean to
the road took it's own way
and I'm sorry for being too true
but tomorrow is another day

living in the ocean sun
wonder where the time has gone...