by Miles Large

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8/10 - Third Outing
Interview with Third Outing:

Video teasers of the songs:

A four track EP about dreams, loneliness, isolation, love, truth, futility, space, the moon, women and daydreaming. Not in that order.

A song about people who look at others as if they’re from another planet.
A song about the general accepted truth that our lives are going somewhere/nowhere.
A song about the most beautiful woman in the world.
A song about wanting to live on the moon away from all the bad things.

It is recommended that you listen to this EP in the track order with good quality headphones/speakers at a comfortable volume level.


released January 2, 2017

Spoken words/sounds in track 2 recorded by Ilexis Chu-Jacoby and sampled from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Everything else done by Miles Large. That’s….
-Composition, lyrics, arrangement
-Recording, editing, mixing and mastering
-Instruments played are electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass, drums/percussion on track 2, keyboards, piano, weird sounds, and vocals. All drums done with MIDI except track 2.
-Art, publication, and production

Special thanks to my family, my friends, my dog, and anybody who downloads/listens to this.

This EP is dedicated to all human beings.



all rights reserved


Miles Large

22 year old who makes sounds in his bedroom. Most of the music is digitally manipulated.

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Track Name: Strange
Who am I fooling anyway
Faded figures with no names
It all starts to sound the same
Permanent unending strange

Fasten your safety mechanism, it’s time to go
Don’t look back and move the launchpad to the road

You’re talking to me eye to eye
You’re still a stranger in my mind
The shadows moving, please advise
I’m driving faster than space-time

Engage the engines and set the suit to breathe
Push down the accelerator and achieve mach speed

You leave me drowning in a red sea
You know what I mean
You’re a walking pipe dream
Track Name: Axiom
I’ve been stuck. Lost you might say. I’ve been trapped alone for 15498 days. There is no way out. I’ve tried calling out to you but there is no response. We have been completely separated, our existences, null. Where is the truth?

You know Kyon, have you ever realized just how insignificant your existence on this planet really is?
Track Name: The Fairy Queen
She comes when I fall
I’ve been sucked into a void
She comes from somewhere else

She’s living in my dreams

I’m trapped in hyperspace
We’re meeting in the isle
But with a wink and smile
She’s gone

You’re living in my dreams
Track Name: Marius Crater
The movies
The TVs
Are blowing up
In this age

The news flash
Don't wanna know
Don't want to know

But can't we all get along this once?
I'll be all grown up on the moon

The white noise
In the street

Where do
We go
From here
I don't know